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ClearBrand Community (Acadmey Access Tier)

ClearBrand Community (Acadmey Access Tier)

Category: Education

Description: Hello friend!

I wanted to let you in on our newest offer: ClearBrand Community.

 We’ve packaged together three online courses with our pre-built website template into one platform.

We believe this is the fastest and easiest way to get a website that sells.

 Here’s what’s included:
  •  Course #1: Write a Website That Sells — learn how to talk about your company and your product in a way that connects with and engages your customers so your website makes you money!
  • Course #2: ClearBrand Website Template Training Course — Walk through every step of building your website on WordPress with the ClearBrand Website Template, from initial setup to optimizing and launching.
  • Course #3: ClearBrand Marketing Flywheel — learn the ins and outs of the ClearBrand Marketing Strategy and how you can set up your marketing to grow your business while you sleep.
  •  PLUS, access to the ClearBrand Website Template — a WordPress website template with 5 fully pre-built pages that follow our proven money-making framework. Optimized, mobile-friendly, and beautiful. 
  • Access to all future online courses, updates, and tools to help you grow your business.

 All that, for only $99 monthly or $999 Annually

There isn’t anything else that combines tools and training to make building a website that sells so easy.

Your affiliate commission is 20% of the first year and every year a purchaser stays with the program after that.

You’ll find links to sell ClearBrand Academy in your ClearBrand Affiliate portal. Have any questions? email [email protected] we’ll help you out.

Here’s to helping businesses grow with a website that sells!

To your success,
Alexander Toth