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StrikeMall's Affiliate Program.

StrikeMall's Affiliate Program.

Average order: 50$

Description: Affiliate Program is a single-tier reward partnership system. Affiliate Program enables partners to earn 10% from each enrolled Customer. If a Customer signs up through your link, you will receive 10% of the value purchased.

There are no restrictions on the number of customers or any rewards cap available to Partners. Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Types of traffic:
All lawful methods and techniques of attracting Clients and Partners are permitted.

Affiliate Payout Terms:
Payments are processed monthly for all earnings of the preceding billing period on the 10th day of the current month. The minimum payout is 50 USD.

Please note: every affiliate sale is accounted for in the billing cycle only after the Client status order changes to “Delivered”. Delivery times vary: usually 2-3 weeks, but in the minimum of cases up to 60 days maximum.

Transaction commission is deducted from the transferred amount, dependent on the chosen method of payment.

How to become an affiliate?
1) Login or sign up here: Affiliate Program;
2) Welcome to the Affiliate Program!

NOTE: If any of the conditions of using our affiliate program and/or legal policies were not adhered to, we have the right to freeze any money you earned.